About El Rasheem

El Rasheem’s exotic beauty is jaw dropping to the novice eye, and equally so when weighed by experts against the perfect standard for the Arabian breed. The dished face, refined body and spirited movement combine to conjure up visions of the Arabian sands.

Indeed, El Rasheem is a beautiful horse. He is an important one, too. El Rasheem will be campaigned and shown the world over to inspire current breeders and compel would-be Arabian horse enthusiasts to become engaged in the industry in ways big and small.

El Rasheem will leave his most indelible mark as a breeding stallion. His genetic line is extraordinary. Sired by FA El Shawan and out of the Versace daughter, Virtuosa MLR, he will be bred to select mares of only the highest caliber. After all, when an animal of this quality comes along, it is the breeder’s mandate to pass these extraordinary traits to the generations of horses to come, setting the course for the future of the breed.    Read More


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